How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Installing a wood burning stove is an excellent way to add warmth and charm to your home, but understanding the costs involved is crucial. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the expenses you might encounter:

1. Cost of the Stove

The price of the stove itself can vary significantly based on the brand, model, and features. On average:

  • Basic Models: £500-£800
  • Mid-Range Models: £1100-£1600
  • High-End Models: £2000-£5000+

We understand that everyone has varying budgets but we can’t stress enough how the price of a stove has a direct link to the quality, if you can stretch your budget to accommodate a British or Scandinavian stove you won’t regret the investment. On average you can purchase a good quality British made 5kW stove for £1500 inc vat (2024 prices*).

2. Chimney and Flue Costs

If you already have a chimney, it will likely need lining. If you don’t have a chimney, you’ll need to install a flue system.

Flue Liner Pack: £500-£1500
Twin-Wall Flue System: £1000-£3000+

3. Installation / Labor

Professional installation ensures safety and compliance with regulations. This cost can vary based on the complexity of the job and location.

Basic Installation: £400-£1800
Complex Installation: £1900-£3000

A basic installation can consist of simply connecting a new stove to an existing liner or clay liner. A more complex installation can consist of building a new chimney breast and installing an entire new flue system.

4. Hearth & Decorative Components

Hearth Costs: £200-£1000+
Chamber Costs: £180-£900
Beam Costs: £160-£600

5. Additional Costs

Other potential expenses include:

Building Work: If your home requires structural modifications, this can add £500-£2000+.
Cherry Picker / Scaffolding: £150 – £1000+

Tips for Purchasing

Get Multiple Quotes: Always obtain quotes from several installers to ensure you’re getting a fair price, make sure any additions you were expecting are included in your quote, will the installer do any required plastering work? Will my gas fire be removed and capped off if applicable? Will all of the rubbish be removed and disposed of?

Check Regulations: Ensure that your installation complies with local building regulations, which might add to the cost but are essential for safety. Always check that your installer is HETAS registered and check the HETAS register if necessary.

Do Your Research: Research the make and model stove you are purchasing, although some stoves are initially cheaper to purchase you will end up spending more money in the long run. Many essential components in stoves are not covered by the manufacturers guarantee and you will find yourself replacing parts in cheaper stoves more often which can quickly add up.

Ask Where The Products Are From: Don’t hesitate to ask where the products being installed come from. What brand is the stove? Who manufactures the flue liner? These are crucial questions that can help you avoid having subpar products installed in your home.

Avoid Purchasing From a Company Without a Premises: Purchasing from businesses on social media without a physical premises can be risky for several reasons. Without a brick-and-mortar location, it’s challenging to verify the legitimacy of the business, increasing the likelihood of encountering scams or fraudulent sellers. Customers have limited recourse if they receive defective or incorrect products, as tracking down and holding these sellers accountable can be difficult. Additionally, businesses without a physical presence may lack proper business licenses and quality controls, resulting in subpar products and services.


Installing a wood burning stove involves various costs, from the stove itself to professional installation and any additional materials required. By understanding these costs, you can better plan your budget and ensure a smooth installation process. The average total cost for a wood burning stove and install into a class 1 chimney in the UK is now at around £4000+ inc vat, this would include a good quality stove, flue liner, basic building works such as a new lintel, HETAS approved installation, a hearth and basic decorative components. The average cost for a stove install into a property without a flue is at £5000+ this includes the twin wall flue system, stove, hearth and HETAS approved installation.