The New ‘Black Edition’ Upgrade From British Fires Is Here

The British Fires New Forest Electric Fire range has just unveiled its latest addition: the stunning ‘Black Edition.’ This model comes standard with deluxe real logs, providing an even more authentic and luxurious look.

The standout feature of the Black Edition is the rear Dark Glass, a revolutionary element in fireplace design. This sleek, sophisticated addition reduces reflections and enhances the mesmerising flame effect, making your fireplace the focal point of any room. Available across all models, the rear Dark Glass transforms your fireplace into a captivating spectacle, drawing all eyes to the heart of the flame.

You’ll be enchanted by this unique feature, making the Black Edition an irresistible upgrade. Elevate your fireplace experience and discover why you should choose nothing less than the Black Edition for unparalleled style and ambiance.

View Range Here: