ESSE 500 Vista Flueless Gas Stove


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  • Made in Lancashire from solid cast iron
  • Lifelike glowing fire-bed
  • Features patented catalytic technology so there is no need for a chimney
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Features auto safety shutoff
  • Oxygen depletion system constantly monitors the room’s air quality
  • Available in natural gas & LPG
  • 100% efficiency
  • 3.3 kW heat output
  • 5 year warranty

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It may look like a traditional wood-burning stove, but appearances can be deceptive! Because this is one of ESSE’s most advanced pieces of engineering: a state-of-the-art gas stove that requires no flue, giving you the freedom to locate it almost anywhere. The catalytic technology that enables flueless installation is truly remarkable. All burnt gas emissions are “scrubbed” clean, and leave the stove as warm clean air. It’s a 100% efficient process. Because no energy is wasted up a chimney, all the heat generated does the job it’s supposed to do – keeping your room toasty warm. Which also means lower running costs.

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Weight 51 kg
Dimensions D 399 x W 436 x H 575 mm



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