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New to the Hunter range of stoves is the impressive Herald 80B, a large multi-fuel stove with an exceptional heating capacity, suitable for larger properties.

  • Up to 71% efficient
  • Cleanburn technology
  • Exceptionally hot airwash
  • Woodburning or multi-fuel
  • Dust free safe and easy riddling
  • Easy access for chimney sweeping
  • Double door options only, with removable crosses as standard
  • Flat Top and Canopy model available

CE Tested and Approved

The 80B meets the stringent CE approval test requirements.

New Hunter Cleanburn Technology

With incredibly efficient burning of the fuel, this results in an increased heat output, less smoke and a cleaner environment.

Exceptionally Efficient

Due to the cleanburn technology, the stoves burn exceptionally efficiently. The Herald 80B is 71% efficient.

Safe and Efficient for Over-Night Burning

By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum,the fire will gently smoulder and remain alight throughout the night. When required,the fire will come to life by simply increasing the air flow into the stove.

Dust Free, Safe and Easy Riddling

By simply moving the riddling tool backwards and forwards, which moves the grate open and closed, the stove riddles safely with the minimum of effort. This is undertaken with the doors closed and is completely dust free.


The Herald 80B has a number of options and optional extras:

  • Flat Top and clip-on low canopy
  • Flue damper
  • Spark guard
  • Variable leg length
  • Matt black finish with optional dark green or metallic blue
  • A single brass door knob or set of brass door knobs
  • Thermostat for central heating units

  • Manufactured by: Hunter